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I am looking for a small ship, I am looking for a ship without a compass, its compass is due to belief, notification, take me this way, sadness. I am looking for a polar ship, its compass is photos and only Zeynep is hardworking, in a modern dump, from the port full of sorrow. It is necessary to carry out the burden with the ship of taqwa, whose burden is Faith, impure virtuous speed, and the power of faith.

Recover my soul, we are leaving; you up, i down ..! The heart also has only one owner, the rest is details…. Do you not know, God is free from space. This day is ending on me, do you see? The earth covers everything but sins! Shall we call the impure ones pure? Hello, Hello, Hello. If you ask, everyone is a Muslim!

Thank God, neither prayer…. The age that does not flow for the right does not count as age. One should not brag about having a head; The head that does not prostrate is not counted from the beginning.

Being a man is not to prove his perfection in many women, but to make a single woman experience perfection. Let those who do not hold you, those who cannot hold on to you think of the end .. You will smoke a cigarette, you will probably watch the horizon for hours A wind will snap your face Then my dream will come to you, you will hum My Poem You will sob ..!

You will not be able to wipe me out of your head as you cannot get rid of your heart. I will enter into your dreams. Your face will be covered with a thin sadness every night. Then you will want to write something. It will not work on your pen like your head. When he saw my unresponsiveness, he was not there either .. We were not there anymore, we were considered fellow townspeople.

The hand holding a rose must prick. The one who loves a love should sleep at the door of love! What an honor!

Although I am not out of this age, am I drowning in it? You will hurt my Lord in this state. Don’t worry about the house when fate knocked on the door; By the time he comes, you will be long gone. How could I have known that if you forgive your killer, he will kill you again .. Remember that you are also the servant. And don’t pay too much attention! Otherwise, you will be forgotten. There are some who give the highest of love, but it is inferior.

Related News. The address of the headquarters of the DEVA Party has been determined. The date of the great congress has been announced in the MHP. Scandalous article by Nagehan Alçı. Sharing support from Özdil to Demirtaş.

Good news from İmamoğlu about the nursery, which is the legacy of Atatürk. Instruction from Kılıçdaroğlu for the recruitment of the truck driver Yılmaz. Kılıçdaroğlu: The main source of the problem is merit.

Yarkadaş of the CHP has almost revolted. Abdüllatif Şener: This country has not paid such a heavy price for any family! CHP member Gürer: Do not touch the severance pay. İmamoğlu announced the crazy project of Istanbul. “Troll” exit from Babacan to power. Visit from President Gümrükçü to the Leader. Ali Şeker Warned. Support from Kılıçdaroğlu for Beşiktaş’s campaign.

Not making any sentences and. Yes, you’re right, love is important at first sight for a lady who can answer you. Another girl you meet for the first time while talking to ladies Mixed Words 0. Captain Words by admin · 26 November This page contains Captain Words and Port Words.

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